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Kama Starter Pack

You're one step away from learning kama!

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Your Kama Starter Pack includes 15 video lessons:

  ✔ Kama Introduction: Proper measurements, sizing & handling.

  ✔ Kihon - The Fundamentals: Essential defense and offense in an easy-to-remember solo template.

  ✔ 10 Kumite - Partner Applications: A prearranged set of kama vs. bo kumite based on the solo movements of kihon and kata.

  ✔ Tozan No Kama - 遠山の鎌: The first kama-jutsu kata. Note: It's recommended that you learn kata in their correct order.

  ✔ Japanese Terminology: Including English terms for each technique of kihon, kumite and kata.

Each lesson includes step-by-step instructions with performances from 2 additional angles (in both regular speed & slow motion).

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